On 22 March, on the occasion of  the World Water Day, an event was held in Torremolinos with the participation of prominent personalities and experts on the subject.

In that case, it is important to celebrate World Water Day because it raises awareness about the importance of freshwater and promotes sustainable management of water resources. In addtion, it highlights the critical role that water plays in human life, ecosystems, and the economy. The day serves as a reminder that access to clean and safe water is a basic human right and that it is crucial to protect water sources for future generations.

On one hand, Gloria Manoja, Councillor of the Torremolinos Municipal Group, attended the event to highlight her commitment to CET Torremolinos.

Also participating in the event was Gustavo Calero, General Manager of Aguas de Torremolinos, who spoke about the challenges his organisation faces in terms of water management and the measures they are taking to ensure an adequate and sustainable supply for the population.

In addition, CET’s President, Adolfo Trigueros, and Vice-President, José Miguel Aragonés, as well as other businessmen and executives from the collective, were also present at the event and discussed the importance of public-private collaboration in water management.

On the other hand, the event was attended by a wide audience, including Vicente Romero, President of the CIDH, who showed great interest in the topics presented. Overall, the event was a success and allowed participants to exchange valuable ideas and perspectives on water management and its importance for human well-being and sustainable development.

¡Happy World Water Day!

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