The imbalance in services

As we stand at the threshold of a crisis of values, it is essential to provide training to new professionals so that they do not fall into social devaluation. Values are deteriorating not only in tourism services but also in society at large. To avoid a chronic situation for professionals in our sector, we must make jobs more dynamic.

I invite you to experience new things and take pride in providing the best services in our hotels. By doing so, we can grow both personally and professionally. Especially for young people starting out in tourism, this can be a valuable opportunity to train themselves and avoid being taken advantage of.

Working life offers two choices, either working like an automaton or working like a creator with enthusiasm and progress. This way, we can avoid being replaced by machines or unscrupulous individuals who dominate them.

It is not just about following guidelines, we must also step out of our comfort zone and support colleagues who need help, even if they do not realize it initially. Later on, they will appreciate your assistance.

The intrinsic capacity of each individual for change is fundamental, and the spirit of sacrifice is the key to a bright future. Let’s work together to help young people become independent professionals rather than dependent ones, no matter how hard this may seem.

By Vicente Romero.

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