In a few days the CIDH registrations will be open again and this includes the CIDH Junior division. From the association we propose a complementary training that will give you an extra value as a professional.

Training in the hotel industry is important for several reasons. It helps employees develop the necessary skills to perform their job duties effectively and efficiently, which can improve guest satisfaction and overall business success. It also helps ensure that employees are knowledgeable about safety procedures and regulations, reducing the risk of accidents or incidents. Additionally, ongoing training can lead to career advancement opportunities for employees, which can boost morale and decrease turnover. Overall, investing in employee training can have numerous benefits for both the individuals and the organization.

The International Hotel Managers Circle will assume 100% of the costs of the Ostelea courses. New and current members of the Circle will be able to choose the course they prefer from the five available and take it free of charge.

You will be able to access one of these 5 specialised training courses:

  • Tourism Innovation
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • The Daily Management of Revenue Management
  • F&B Department Management
  • Event Planning

You can sing up in the Intranet.

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