The International Hotel Managers’ Circle (CIDH) announced its collaboration with our partner, the ONCE Foundation in the elaboration of a guide for the implementation of the UNE-ISO-21902 in accommodation establishments.

ISO 21902 is a European standard designed to improve the accessibility of tourist accommodation. This standard establishes a series of requirements for the elimination of physical, technical and communication barriers, with the aim of improving the quality of life of people with disabilities.

For its part, the CIDH, with its members and extensive experience in the management of tourist accommodation, will contribute its knowledge and vision to the ISO-21902 implementation guide. This guide will provide clear and useful information to help accommodation managers to comply with this standard.

The CIDH and the ONCE Foundation strongly believe that better accessibility will make accommodation a pleasant and safe place for everyone. This collaboration will reinforce the efforts of both organisations to promote equal opportunities and respect for diversity.

The ISO-21902 implementation guide has been launched at the end of February 2023. This guide will be free of charge and available to all accommodation managers.

You can find it here. The guide is available free of charge. In both languages English and Spanish.

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