FITUR: People with disabilities make up a significant part of the world’s population, and therefore the tourism sector is an important tool towards a more inclusive world.

Accessible tourism refers to the practice of ensuring that all individuals, including those with disabilities or other special needs, are able to enjoy and participate in tourism activities without barriers or limitations. This involves making accommodations and adjustments to the physical environment, as well as providing accessible information and services, to ensure that everyone has equal access to tourism experiences. Accessible tourism aims to promote inclusivity, diversity, and equality in the tourism industry.

Moreover, it is essential that tourism is also aimed at people with disabilities, as it is a right for them and a key factor in recovery, as a strategic source of income and a successful investment.

That is why the ONCE Foundation together with the Spanish Standardisation Agency and the UNWTO have launched the International Standard ISO 21902 on Accessible Tourism.

From the CIDH we are committed to a more inclusive and accessible tourism for all. Our President, Vicente Romero, participated in the presentation sessions at FITUR 2023.

You can watch it on our Webinar Channel

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