Dear professionals,

I have always thought that the choice to become a hotel manager was the best decision of my life. Professionals who feel this vocation will surely say the same: tourism has something that hooks you. We are professionals without borders.

With the premise that tourism is the leading industry in Spain, and that we have a large number of excellently trained professionals working both in our country and in the rest of the world, a project of professionals looking to the future was born. In this context, the International Hotel Managers’ Circle Association (CIDH) was created with the aim of exclusively uniting all hotel management professionals for their own benefit.

The CIDH was created to be close to hotel professionals, directors and managers, to offer them a structure of information, services and contacts that will benefit them. The crucial objective is to enhance the profile of the professional in all its links, with the administrations, with the companies to which they provide services, with other professionals in the sector, etc…. Thus creating a network of professional contacts from which they can mutually benefit.

Vicente Romero J.

The constant evolution of this global world brings us problems that we must solve with 21st century formulas, the continuous changes in the sector, the irruption and prominence of technologies and their applications that lead us to new ways of marketing, of managing, and that lead us to different ways of communicating and managing hotels.

In this very competitive moment in which we find ourselves, our objective is to be with our managers wherever they are. We plan to open new branches and twinning arrangements with professional organisations all over the world. For this we count on our directors and managers who add value as they become part of the association, channelling all the information exclusively for our collective from the headquarters.

The CIDH aims to return to the hotel management professional, the figure of vertex that has been for many years, in addition, we intend to dignify and defend the exercise of our profession, providing a value to the establishment and to his person.

From the CIDH, with the strength and enthusiasm to reinvent ourselves every day, and with the union of the group of professionals, we will help you to strengthen your rights, to dignify our position, while providing the best customer service, all under the commitment to a sustainable, ethical and digitised tourism that benefits everyone.