If you don’t give the 100%, you lose your motivation.

“Motives” are the cause, “Motivation” the consequence. If you have motives, you have motivation.

Do you give 100% of yourself, maybe 10, 20…… or 99%, giving less than 100% is considered cheating and according to “your jurisprudence” you lose the right to complain, your grief, “mental self-flagellation”.

Giving 100% can mean smiling when you are sad, saying no to that voice that tells you to stop, overcoming levels of pain. In “your race” don’t say stop, say run. Don’t let the stones on the road sink you into sadness, there are millions of stories of those who with the same stones built a castle.

Giving 100% IS BE INVINCIBLE, and this is not about winning or losing but about going to sleep every night with a smile on your face. Give 100% when you wake up, with the people you love, in your work, with your colleagues, with your clients, in everything. Because if you give 100%, you are simply “the best around”, and success in what you want so badly is an inevitable side effect.

If you give 100%, “If they tell you your life, deny everything! ….., even the truth”. Joaquín Sabina (Ubetense).

By Ángel Teodoro García Sánchez. Ambassador of CIDH.

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