His surname is Team Management, his first name is success.

Ángel Teodoro García Sánchez tells us that success lies in the people who work in the company, the team management. It is no use having a good strategy if the employees do not do their part. The better the involvement of the teams is managed, the more likely success will be.

We are in the era of customer orientation as a key competitive advantage and the involvement of human capital is the main asset.

Team Management

  • Competencies. We must be clear about the competencies we need and recruit the best candidates within our reach who meet these competencies.
  • Culture. You must be sure that the candidates fit with the company’s culture, i.e. with the company’s customs, beliefs and values. If the company does not have a defined culture, you have to create a group culture, create the “Soul of the Group”, the motivation.
  • Everyone is special. Everyone is better than everyone else at something. The “leader” has to awaken and help the development of these competences.
  • Synergies. Forming a group only makes sense when the value of all the contributions of the people in the group is greater than the sum of the individual contributions of each person.
  • Give a vision to the team, give motivation. Be aware of and realistic about the current capacity of the team and set goals for the future that encourage the team’s potential. They should be long term because lasting motivation is needed. It must require effort on the part of the team members in order to bring about the professional growth that grants self-realisation.

Personal reflections based on experience.

  • “A leader must be the “working father” of the team, not a “colleague”. “The leader must take care of each of the team members, must give them the necessary tools so that they feel at ease and give their best, empathise and understand that not every day is a good day, helping to lift their spirits. Although the team members must understand that if they have to choose between “good vibes” and results, results have priority.
  • Be aware that brilliant people are difficult to manage because they need special treatment. Someone who takes the initiative, who has creativity, passion and self-confidence, is often also curious, rebellious, independent and independent in expressing their own opinions. The key is to guide and coordinate, not to direct and control.
  • Diversity enriches the group. Teams are enriched by different ways of thinking and increase their value. Keep in mind that you can’t treat everyone the same in every situation. Some people are looking for recognition, others for challenges, others for learning, others for stability.
  • Most of the problems in team management are caused by a lack of communication that leads to misunderstandings. Make known at all times what the priorities, objectives and resources are.
  • Convey the idea that judging a colleague is never positive.
  • Mistakes are the way we all learn. Do not confuse making mistakes with laziness and lack of interest.

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