Conduct Code

At the International Hotel Managers’ Circle Association (CIDH) we believe that it is essential to state the principles and ethical and conduct values that govern our association in order to make them known to all associates and to society in general.

The value of teamwork and the power of unity are fundamental principles we uphold. We believe in collaborating with our partners, associates and collaborators to help them grow personally and professionally.

The objective is to provide professional guidance and uphold the prestige of the hotel director and manager profession, while also advocating for their social dignity. We will work avoiding unfair competition and protecting acts and conduct that may damage the good name of the profession.

Our goal is to establish stable relationships over time with our partners, associates, and collaborators, in order to foster lasting connections.

Innovation drives us. We seek innovative proposals as well as promote continuous improvement to achieve the highest quality service to our partners, associates and collaborators, always taking into account the general purposes of the association.

Cooperate together taking into account criteria of responsible and sustainable behavior both with the environment and with the social and economic sphere of our sphere.

Collaborate to implement the highest standards of honesty and ethical conduct, including appropriate and ethical procedures to deal with actual or potential conflicts of interest is mandatory at CIDH.

We will work for job placement in the tourism sector and we will focus, to the extent that the statutes allow it, in projects for solidarity purposes.