The INTERNATIONAL HOTEL MANAGERS’ CIRCLE (CIDH) joins UNICEF ‘s appeal in response to the Earthquake Emergency in Turkey and Syria.

This is the most powerful earthquake to hit the region in almost 100 years and it has come at the worst possible time for vulnerable children and families in the affected areas, when cold and snow make rescue and aid difficult. UNICEF’s priority now is to ensure that affected children and families have access to safe water and sanitation.

In Syria, UNICEF is working to ensure that children have access to safe water and sanitation, essential to prevent disease. In child protection, there is an urgent need to identify and reunite children who have been separated from their families and to provide them with emergency psychological support. And in education, UNICEF is working to ensure that affected children can return to school as soon as possible. The organization has already sent emergency humanitarian supplies for operating theatres, nutrition supplies such as energy biscuits and emergency kits.

In Turkey, efforts are currently focused on search and rescue efforts. UNICEF is coordinating with the Government and the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency on needs for a broader humanitarian response. As support, it is already sending hygiene kits, blankets and winter clothing.

Therefore, from CIDH, as on other occasions, we have decided to collaborate with UNICEF and we want to count on your solidarity.

Please collaborate!

To collaborate, you can make your donation to the UNICEF account in Unicaja Banco: IBAN ES96 2103 0146 94 0030036581, BIC/SWIFT UCJAE2MXXX (INTERNATIONAL) with the concept Emergency Earthquake Turkey and Syria, your name and ID (to certify your donation). You can also donate directly on the UNICEF website.

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