The Board of Directors is the collegiate body in charge of managing and designing the association’s strategy to achieve the objectives established by its bylaws.

Founder & President
of Global CIDH

Vicente Romero
Hotel Manager

Vice President
of Global CIDH

Joaquim Janer
Hotel Manager

General Secretary of Global CIDH

Jorge Serrano
Chief Operating Officer

Communications & Marketing Director of Global CIDH

Pau Subirats

advisory council

The Advisory Council is a consultative body to the Presidency that assists the organisation’s decision-making through strategic recommendations. It is a separate body from the Board of Directors, which freely decides whether or not to implement the suggestions received by this council.

Member of the Advisory Council

Manuel Murga
General Hotel Manager at Óbal Urban Hotel

Member of the Advisory Council

Pilar Cerisuelo
Executive Producer at Unicorn Content

Member of the Advisory Council

Laura del Arce
General Director of Tourism of the Marbella City Council

Member of the Advisory Council

Ricardo Palazuelos
Institutional Relations and Agreements Manager at CDV


The Directorates General in the International Hotel Managers’ Circle Association (CIDH) are the positions intended to represent other players in the global hotel and tourism industry. As Directors General, they are responsible for the management, promotion and supervision of the actions and initiatives of the CIDH in their field.

Director of Wellness at Global CIDH

Lucía Romero de Ávila
CEO of Renova Thermal

Director of R+D at CIDH Global

Fran Diéguez Pérez
Hotel Technology Expert

Director of Legal at CIDH Global

Charisse Prieto