From the International Hotel Managers Circle (CIDH) we are pleased to inform about the appointment of Andrés Santiago Castro-Rial as Autonomous President of the CIDH in Galicia (Spain), becoming the first autonomous president of the region.

Andrés Santiago, currently Operations Director of SuitesNature, holds a diploma in Hotel Business Management from the Centro Superior de Hostelería de Galicia, and has developed his professional and training career in countries such as the USA, Belgium and Cape Verde, the latter with RIU Hotels & Resorts. On his return to Spain, he continued his professional development as head of VIP lounge management in the airport sector. On his return to the hotel sector, he took over the management of a hotel in Alicante and later formed part of the commercial team of One Shot Hotels in Madrid.

In recent years, he has been responsible for the tourism side of SuitesNature, a company that offers design and innovative solutions for the creation of Sustainable and Regenerative Resorts in natural environments. In 2021, along with the rest of the team, she received the first prize in the first Accelerator of Tourism Projects of the Xunta de Galicia, by the hand of Turislab. Finally, during the last year he has been working as a manager in Marbella, in a newly opened hotel.

With his extensive experience and magnificent professional career, we are sure that his leadership and enthusiasm will contribute to strengthen the CIDH in Galicia, as well as in the whole national territory.

During his tenure, Andrés Santiago will not only guide and direct the activities of the CIDH in Galicia, but also promote collaboration between professionals, develop initiatives and represent the association at national and international events.


We are sure that his knowledge and experience will contribute to our aim of being close to professionals and offering them a structure of information, services and contacts that will benefit them in their day-to-day work with the crucial objective of enhancing the profile of the professional in all its links.

With this appointment, the CIDH reinforces its presence in the tourism sector and especially in Galicia, which is committed to tourism as a tool in the fight against depopulation.

From the CIDH, with the strength and the illusion of reinventing ourselves every day, and with the union of the group of professionals, we will help you to strengthen your rights, to dignify our position, at the same time that, to give the best service to the client, all this under the commitment of a sustainable tourism that redounds to the benefit of all.

The International Hotel Managers’ Circle (CIDH) is pleased to welcome Andrés Santiago Castro-Rial to the International Hotel Managers’ Circle.

International Hotel Managers’ Circle

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